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Food and Beer

What is an Oktoberfest without good food and beer?  Soulard Oktoberfest has some amazing food and beer selections in 2015.  See below for just some of the food and beer choices that will make the 2015 Soulard Oktoberfest our best yet. We are proud to announce 2 fantastic new restaurants  that serve great German food. Iron Barley the pride of St Louis and from New Hampshire the the Schnitzel expert Schnitzels and Giggles

Food Vendors

The Soulard Oktoberfest 2015 will have great food vendors Iron BarleyG&W Bavarian Meats will prepare traditional Oktoberfest favorites and rom New Hampshire, the festival will be featuring Schnitzels and Giggles, a traveling Bavarian restaurant plus Hot Aztec Food  Truck and other local favorites TBA                       


Beer and Drink Vendors


From traditional German draughts to local microbrews, Soulard Oktoberfest serves up more than 20 types of beer, including Schlafly, Urban Chestnut, Spaten, Germany's oldest beer Weihenstephan and Anheuser-Busch

See below for some prices on the above listed beers, keep in mind that all beer prices are for liters:

  Urban Chestnut $12 per liter

  Schlafly $12 per liter

  Weihenstephan $12 per liter

  Spaten $12 per liter

  Anheuser Busch Products $10 or $11 per liter

We will also have a microbrew tent hosted by the Saint Louis Hop Shop.  This tent will have some of the best local microbrews, including: Civil Life, Augusta, Alpha, O'Fallon, Modern Brewery, Ferguson and more!